September 7, 2011

We just learned some good news from the Office of Justice Programs regarding the Youth Intervention Program funding.

As I mentioned in the last Legislative Update #14, Public Safety Commissioner Mona Dohman had made the decision of an across the board 4% funding reduction for all the State programs housed and administered through the Office of Justice Programs. This included the Youth Intervention Program and the reduction from the base funding will be approximately $64,000.

One of the reasons that news was so disappointing is that we also knew that the additional one-time money that OJP had added to the YIP in the amount of $444,330 (just received this updated figure from OJP) per year was going to come to an end. We also knew that losing this much funding was going to have a significant impact on the YIP grantees and their ability to provide youth intervention services to the youth of Minnesota. We also feared that many of the YIP funded organizations could lose their ability to raise community funding to support their youth intervention efforts because of the $2 to $1 community match requirement.

So the good news that we just received from OJP is that for each of the next two years they will use $218,000 in community crime prevention dollars to help defray the significant funding reduction to the Youth Intervention Program. The bottom line is that we now know that the YIP funding will see an annual reduction the next two years of $290,330.

What this reduction means for each of the YIP grantees is still a bit unclear. If you recall from the last Legislative Update, OJP will be asking all the current YIP grantees to reapply for their funding (similar to what they did two years ago) so at this time it is not clear as to which organizations/programs will receive funding and what the dollar amount each organization can apply for. OJP will be in touch with all the grantees sometime during the next month and will also have some information available this Friday at the YIPA Quarterly Meeting. I believe the RFP will be due sometime in October.

At this time I want to publically thank Commissioner Dohman, Executive Director Jeri Boisvert, and Tricia Hummel, Deputy Director, for their support in making this happen.

As always, if you have any questions please email at

J. Scott Beaty
Executive Director
MN Youth Intervention Programs Association


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