Not All Kids Are Ready to Learn

Letter to the Editor, Published in the Pioneer Press April 16, 2012

Your April 7 article “Do Minnesota schools need more counselors?” by Christopher Magan spoke to a systemic problem. While there is a need for more school counselors, this approach does not address the root cause of the need.  Kids spend twice as much time out of school than in school.  Consequently, schools alone can’t and won’t solve the learning gap.

Schools do a great job of educating youth who are ready to learn. But not all kids are ready to learn. Community based youth intervention programs like mentoring, recreation programs, and mental health counseling prepare kids emotionally and behaviorally for school.  These programs have a proven track record of success and provide a financial return on investment.

No one institution can meet the needs of all youth and help them become productive adults. Schools are critical but so are youth intervention programs if we are to close the learning gap.

Paul Meunier, Ham Lake

The writer is director of services for the Youth Intervention Programs Association.

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