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Advocacy Updates

  • Perhaps?

    April 11, 2014

    With this new development and opportunity for the YIP, YIPA will now take a very active role in trying to get the House and Governor to accept, or move toward, the Senate funding language for the YIP. Please watch for upcoming TAKE ACTION alerts from us. This will most likely happen right after they take their Easter/Passover break.

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Latest News

  • Youth Intervention Diminishes Adult Aggression
  • Carré and colleagues suspected that the program would have long-term effects, and that those effects would be linked to a specific biological mechanism: alterations in testosterone reactivity to social provocation.

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YIPA Members in the News

  • Lee Carlson Center looks to raise $20,000
  • It will be cold in January, so RoofRaiser participants are hoping to reach their goal of raising $20,000 before Dec. 31 to avoid spending time on the roof of Bob’s Produce in Fridley. The annual fundraiser supports Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-being, a nonprofit organization in Fridley that provides services for those living with mental illness.
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  • Minnesota’s first shelter for child victims of sex trafficking prepares to open
  • Typical shelters don’t serve the special needs of sex-trafficking victims, who need treatment for their mental and physical abuse. They also need protection from their traffickers, who often come trying to find them. The Safe and Sound Shelter will have full-time staff to do physical and mental-health assessments as well as therapy.
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