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YIPA, in its role of advocating for community-based youth intervention programs, directly advocates for the continued funding and expansion of the Youth Intervention Program because this program is a pure example of what community-based youth intervention programs are all about.

YIPA helps the Youth Intervention Program grant recipients by providing networking, professional development training, public relations support and coordinated advocacy efforts. To learn more about the specifics of the Youth Intervention Program you can go to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety web site listed below.

About the Youth Intervention Program:

  • Get the Youth Intervention Program Brochure (big file, please be patient as it opens)
  • 36 year old crime prevention program
  • Currently administered by Public Safety (Office of Justice Programs)
  • Approximately 10,000 youth served per year throughout the State of Minnesota
  • Requires a $2 community match for every $1 in State funding
  • Currently funded at $1.5 million…50 organizations receive funding
  • Was at $2.4 million two years ago…67 organizations were funded
  • YIPA believes there needs to be approx. 135 organizations funded to cover the State and address unmet early intervention youth services needs

Crime, family violence, truancy, delinquency, chemical dependency, child abuse, teen pregnancy and runaways, Minnesota's youth and their families who are facing these and other problems have a place to turn to for help - YOUTH INTERVENTION PROGRAMS.

Youth Intervention Programs are community-based and provide an effective community solution to the youth-related problems facing families. Community-based programs keep youth living with their families and out of the more costly correctional institutions, foster homes, residential treatment and chemical abuse treatment facilities.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) & Other Research:

The Youth Intervention Program has a Social Return On Investment (SROI) of $4.89 for every $1 invested (2007 research study by Wilder research and the University of MN Humphrey Institute)

  • Average cost to society for one youth who quits school and takes up a life of crime and drug use - $2 million per youth (Vanderbilt Economist Marc Cohen research 1998)
  • Research data consistently supports the fact that charging, adjudicating and incarcerating youth costs significantly more than community-based early intervention programs, and does not result in increased public safety.

About the Minnesota Office of Justice Program:

The Minnesota State Legislature established the Youth Intervention Program (YIP) as “a nonresidential community-based program providing advocacy, education, counseling, and referral services to youth and their families experiencing personal, familial, school, legal, or chemical problems with the goal of resolving the present problems and preventing the occurrence of problems in the future.”

For more information contact:

Tricia Hummel, Justice and Community Grants Director
Office of Justice Programs


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