J. Scott Beaty, Former Executive Director, YIPA

"We want every youth in Minnesota to have easy access to high quality youth intervention programs when help is needed."

"Without youth intervention programs, Minnesota might as well start building jails, because that is where these kids will end up.  And how much is that going to cost the state in the long run?"    

“It is imperative that we provide youth with a map -- guidance to choose the right path which is what youth intervention programs do. Otherwise, we wait until it is too late and wonder why they took a wrong turn. This wrong turn not only costs taxpayers a lot of money, but can be deadly."

James C. Backstrom, Dakota County Attorney and Co-Chair of the Juvenile Justice and Family  Law Committee of the National District Attorneys Association

"Investing in our kids through programs such as youth mentoring, truancy intervention, chemical dependency treatment, juvenile delinquency diversion and restorative justice collaboration keeps our communities safer and promotes future success of our children."

"For the sixth consecutive year, the number of juvenile prosecutions have dropped in Dakota County. I believe this is a direct result of having quality early intervention and prevention programs operating within the County." 

 "I am extremely worried about what may happen if funding for youth intervention programs is reduced or eliminated because it will surely result in more youth entering the costly juvenile justice system. I know these are difficult times for the State and very tough funding decisions are going to have to be made, but I strongly recommend trying to find a way to keep early intervention services intact. We know from both research and our own experience that these programs save money and reduce crime."

John M. Harrington, Former Chief of Police (now State Senator), Saint Paul MN

"We are all motivated to find the best solutions for increasing public safety and keeping kids who can change troublesome behavior out of the juvenile justice system."

Darrell Thompson, Executive Director of Bolder Options, YIPA Member since 1998

"We really feel that YIPA meetings and trainings fit the needs of our staff and are a wise use of time and resources."

Representative Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont

“The benefits [of youth intervention] to society are even larger when you think about these kids moving on to work, buying homes and becoming assets rather than burdens to society.”

State Senator Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook

“Criminals aren’t born, they are made in society.”



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