Membership Categories and Rates:

Grantee Membership:

For organizations that receive grant money from the Minnesota Youth Intervention Program (YIP) Grant ONLY. Currently 96% of YIP grantees are YIPA Grantee Members. Grant money pays for YIPA lobbying efforts to defend and increase YIP funding. Dues are based on a number of variables. View a sample Grantee Membership Invoice to calculate your dues. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Paul Meunier at 763-434-4190 or Paul@mnyipa.org.

Associate Membership:

  • $200 for organizations that directly serve youth and have < 10 employees.
  • $250 for organizations that directly serve youth and have between 10 and 49 employees.
  • $300 for organizations that directly serve youth and have between 50 and 99 employees.
  • $350 for organizations that directly serve youth and have between 100 and 199 employees.
  • $400 for organizations that directly serve youth and have between 200 and 499 employees.
  • $500 for organizations that directly serve youth and have 500+ employees.
  • Associate Membership Form

Allied Membership 

  • $125 for businesses, professional organizations, foundations, etcetera that do not directly serve youth but support youth intervention.
  • Allied Membership Form 

Individual Membership

As a YIPA member you will receive: 

  1. Access to all MyYouthPro.com has to offer at the member rate.
  2. The satisfaction of knowing that you are a member of a leading organization advocating for youth intervention services. Become part of a collective voice creating systemic change by shaping public policy.
  3. Opportunities for youth service professionals to connect with each other through meetings, projects, committee involvement (in person events are held in MN) and social media.
  4. Free Trainings. Our 21st century trainings utilize a variety of formats that fit your schedule and your budget. For organizational members, every staff, board member and volunteer can access YIPA trainings for FREE. Our online courses and the Youth Intervention Certification are reduced by 25% for members.
  5. Reduced rate for our fist-of-a-kind Youth Intervention Certification Program.
  6. The benefit of research that documents the social and financial value of youth intervention services in our communities.
  7. Information about your organization on YIPA's "Find Services Now" section on the public website.
  8. Twice-monthly E-Newsletter with timely information on upcoming events, trainings, funding opportunities and membership news.
  9. Coordinated, professional advocacy about youth intervention with MN State Legislature. This includes: periodic legislative updates and "calls to TAKE ACTION", participation in the annual Youth Day at the Capitol, and training to help sharpen your skills and messages to legislators.
  10. Free job postings on the YIPA website and notification of new job postings on the YIPA website.
  11. Access to our PR Toolkit and other PR trainings on working with media about the value of youth intervention services.
  12. As a member you can nominate someone (or an organization) to receive YIPA's annual Friends of Youth Leadership award. 

Membership Registration Forms: