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This benchmark study, the Social Return on Investment Report (SROI) research commissioned by the Minnesota Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA) and completed by Wilder Research and the University of Minnesota. The findings of the research are powerful documentation of the direct financial benefits of quality youth intervention programs. It proves that youth intervention saves money.

The report is free to YIPA members and non-YIPA members can download it as a PDF file for only $25. If you are a YIPA member, go to the "Members Only" section to download your copy.

Quotes from community leaders about the SROI:

“We have long believed in the value of youth programs in increasing public safety. This study now affords the opportunity not only to quantify the critical role these programs play in the lives of our youth but demonstrate their benefit as a cost effective strategy. “

Commissioner Michael Campion, MN Department of Public Safety

"This Social Return On Investment (SROI) research is fantastic news that every early intervention program throughout the county can use to show the cost benefits of programs that work with youth when they are just beginning to have difficulties! The research shows what we have always believed, that early youth intervention programs not only keep youth from further involvement in the juvenile justice system, but that the low costs to provide these services result in significant cost savings for society."

Sarah Dixon, Chair, Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee of Minnesota, Executive Director, Minnesota Alliance With Youth

"This comprehensive analysis of early intervention programs for at-risk youth confirms what I have long believed: there is not a sounder investment of tax dollars available to reduce crime and promote achievement than funding efforts of this nature. Investing in our kids through programs such as youth mentoring, truancy intervention, chemical dependency treatment, juvenile delinquency diversion and restorative justice collaboration keeps our communities safer and promotes future success of our children."

James C. Backstrom, Dakota County Attorney and Co-Chair of the Juvenile Justice and Family Law Committee of the National District Attorneys Association

"We are thrilled with the results of the SROI analysis of Minnesota's youth intervention programs. We hope this news will encourage support for youth who are often marginalized in our society, and instead, support them to grow up into healthy and happy adults."

Christine Ganzlin, Program Director of Children and Families, The McKnight Foundation

Purchase the Powerful SROI Full Report


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