Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Everyone says you should utilize these tools, right? The explosion of non-profit organizations utilizing social media platforms is not surprising. They are free, easily accessible and a great way to promote your organization and cause.

However, the technology is ahead of the law and organizations and individuals need to protect themselves in this unchartered territory. There are growing dilemmas and increasing questions about privacy matters and safety issues as well as typical organizational concerns regarding human resources.

This webinar will highlight relevant laws, apply them to real-life social media situations and give you some strategies to protect your organization from harm.  After attending this webinar, you will know how to develop organizational parameters for using social media.

Meet the Presenter:

Rachel Dougherty

Rachel is a recent law school graduate with a passion for social media and law.  Upon reading a workplace social medial policy, she quickly realized that the author had never logged into Facebook. That inspired Rachel to re-write the policy and dive head-first into the world of social media as it pertains to non-profits.  By applying her hands-on knowledge and experience along with relevant legal concepts she sees potential legal dilemmas developing for organizations utilizing social media. Rachel’s areas of interests are in employment law, social media law and in her spare time, she maintains a cooking blog. She graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 2011 and from the College of Saint Benedict in 2007.


  • Date: Tuesday July 10, 2012
  • Time: 10:00 to 11:00am CST
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  • Cost: Free to YIPA members and Promise Fellows, $15 to non-YIPA members

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