Videos trigger emotions that allow your message to be more compelling.  Are you using them?

About the Presenter:

Paul Meunier is YIPA's Director of Services. Paul has NO formal training in video production and he certainly does not have a graphic arts degree.  In fact, Paul proclaims to have “very little artistic ability at all!”  So why is Paul leading this webinar to teach others how to make videos?  Because as Paul says so eloquently, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

Paul has a passion to make sure the youth of Minnesota get the help they need to become productive members of society.  Advances in software and technology have made making a high quality video an easy process.  Animoto is Paul’s preferred video production tool. “It is a powerful and simple software platform than allows me to tell stories beyond the written word… it’s pretty cool”, says Paul.

Here are a couple examples of Paul’s video portfolio:


  • Date: Tuesday August 14, 2012.
  • Time: 10:00 am to 11:00 am CST.
  • Register online.
  • Login information will be sent to you via a registration email confirmation.
  • Cost: Free to YIPA members and Promise Fellows, $15 to non-YIPA members.
  • Three YIPA member organizations that complete the webinar will win a FREE one year account with Animoto.
  • YIPA has no financial interests in Animoto.  While there may be other quality online video products, we simply find Animoto good and easy to use. We believe in the power of videos to promote youth intervention.
  • This webinar is offered as part of the Youth Intervetnion Public Relations Campaign.

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